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printer problems

I've been trying off and on for the last three days to get my printer
working. I tried magicfilter but that didn't work, output was always
screwed up and truncated. So I purged magicfilter and installed apsfilter
to see if it was any better and now my printer daemon is refusing all
requests. specifically

	connection to 'localhost' failed - connection refused
	job 'cfA223theseus' transfer to lp@localhost failed

now I purged magicfilter with

	dpkg --purge magicfilter

and intsalled apsfilter the manual way (since I guess it isn't maintained
as a package). 

so how do I change this? I know my printer works because I can do somethng
like this

	cat file.ps | gs -q -r600x600 -sDEVICE=ljet4 -OutputFile=\|lpr -

and have the file print out just fine (at least I could before I purged
magic filter, now lpd is refusing connections). 

so I have debian 2.0 and using lprng . Everything worked under debian 1.3.

	- John Kloss

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