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Re: Smail Configuration

On Thu, Jul 09, 1998 at 12:20:53PM -0600, vaidhy@wwdg.com wrote:
> Hi ,
>  I have a mail account at my ISP which is SMTP. Can somebody please
> explain to me how to set up smail so that I can send and receive mails
> from my machine...Right now, I am using netscape mail, but not very
> comfy with that. (I did look at the HOWTO, but can not make head or tail out of it)

Hello Vaidhy,

please press return evry 80 characters or so, netscape puts whole
paragraphs in a single line, thank you.

Start smailconfig (maybe you need to provide option "--force") as root.

Then choose option (1) Internet host. Answer the questions, it should be
pretty straightforward, but feel free to ask questions (I use exim, and
don't rmember the exact questions). The important thing is "smarthost",
which should be YES and set to your SMTP host name.

You are done.

You may want to try exim, which has easier configuration file. eximconfig is
similar to smailconfig, but Smarthost is a seperate choice (I think it was (2))


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