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Re: help: ethernet doesn't work

On Sat, 27 Jun 1998, Wimme wrote:

> Yo all-
> I already posted in the list about this, still didn't find the solution,
> but now I've got more specs, so I hope someone can help.
> Herez the prob: I have a 3Com Etherlink III (3c509) ISA card, static IP
> and a cable modem. I can't seem to connect to the internet. Problem is
> that my card is detected and configured correctly (without doubt) and even
> runs fine, but I can't get on the net. I tried a Realtek PCI card, that
> was detected and confed just fine as well, but didn't connect me either.
> So it's not the HW.
> When I ping my nameserver, none of the packets sent are returned. When I
> ping myself, there's no problem. I can't ping ANYTHING except my own IP.
> Nameservers are and The output of 'ifconfig
> eth0' is the following:
> eth0	Link encap: Ethernet  HWaddr 00:60:97:27:6E:F1
> 	inet addr:  bcast:  mask:
> 	Rx packets:0  errors:0  droppped:0  overruns:0
> 	Tx packets:0  errors:0  droppeed:0  overruns:0
> 	Interrupt:10  Base address:0x300
> This is the output of ifconfig run right after startup. The card and
> settings work perfectly ok in Winnt 4.0 and Win95, so the settings are
> correct. I furthermore have no access whatsoever to the 'net, not by
> telnet, ftp, http...I used debian 2.0, FreeBSD and am now (as it was the
> last install I performed) using redhat 5.1, but I plan to return to debian
> asap. This only to illustrate that I have the same problem, no matter what
> distributions (and modules) I choose...
> I am really absolutely stumped about this, and just can't live with just
> accepting that it won't work :) Is there anyone experiencing the same
> problems, and especially someone who can help me out?

This looks like it might be a routing problem and ifconfig doesn't really
give enough information.  

Is there a gateway you route through?  If so, what is its address?

What does 'route -n' say?


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