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Re: SyQuest

> Will the release of Debian 2.0 support SyQuest removable drives in any
> way?  I know there is a way to make the Iomega parallel port version of
> the zip drive work in Linux, but not the SyQuest EZFlyer.  Is there going
> to be any support for the SyQuest parallel port drives and/or any other
> SyQuest removable drives?
> 								Rob

There is a driver available for the Syquest EZFlyer, as I used it with mine,
until the drive went belly up.

Actually... if you have an IDE parallel-port version of the EZFlyer, you can
choose Parallel Port IDE device support, under 'Block Devices', and it will

As far as SCSI or straight IDE support, I don't know if it is available or


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