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Re: What's a good video card?

Mark Mealman <mmealman@concentric.net (no_spam)> writes:

| Is SVGAlib going to be updated any time soon? I know it's a major hack with

Well, I guess some ppl hack it still somewhat (for example, I
know a certain fellow who recently added support for a new
graphics card), but I don't think there will be any actual
development. It's dead. If you think it's not, shoot it.

| security holes the size of Texas, but Linux + SVGA = a hell of a gaming
| machine.

Linux + (X11 + Mesa/some-commercial-OpenGL) or GGI = a hell of a
gaming machine.

| Is SVGAlib dead? Is there ever going to be a replacement for it?

I guess you can consider (lib)GGI as its replacement for all
practical purposes. I'm not exactly a fan of GGI project, but
that's completely another subject.


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