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Re: What's a good video card?

Shaleh wrote (Tue, 07 Jul 1998 21:59:32 -0400 ):
|>Well on Alan Cox's web page for TV in Linux he has a pretty GIF that has
|>the red circle w/ the slash on an ATi logo and specifically states that
|>until ATi gives out specs their all-in-wonder card will not do anything
|>more than X.  SO I refuse to support ATi.  And would ask all others to
|>do the same.  A capitalist society is the purest form of democracy.  You
|>vote with your money.  I refuse to gve ATi any of mine.

This is all well and good, but the fact remains that your original
statement ("ATI does NOT support Linux or Xfree in ANY way") was
wrong.  This isn't really a black and white issue, and while ATI may
not be the most open-computing-friendly company, I really think there
are many more worthy targets for such boycotts.

As far as the original question goes, I'm running XFree86 on my
Xpert@Play and it works great.  If you're still wary about installing
hamm and opt for bo instead, you may want to upgrade to a later
version of the XFree86 Mach64 server (at least I did when I installed
it...the version being 3.3.2 I think).


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