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Re: Using 2.1.108 kernel

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>> Hello all:
>> Yesterday I tried to get the 2.1.108 kernel up and running.
>> I did get it running however I hand one problem, may ethernet
>> card (3Com 3C905 vortex) stopped. I am currently running
>> Debian's latest released kernel 2.0.34 and all is find. 
>> With the 2.1.108 kernel, ifconfig reports the NIC is up and running.
>> Additionally I can ping the network interface from the machine that
>> is running the 108 kernel, but I can't access anything on the
>> network. One note, the kernel seems to add a route and
>> the /etc/init.d/network file adds a route for that network interface.

 Check that you have recent enough net utils etc. www.linuxhq.com should
 have them listed. 


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