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Re: What is apt-get Install

On Tue, Jul 07, 1998 at 08:51:02PM +0800, Alex Kwan wrote:
> Would someone please explain that
> 1) What is the apt-get install

apt-get install checks out apt's own database of packages (which is
updated by apt-get update) of what is available for download. It then
downloads and installs the latest version (which it knows about) of
the package name you give it)...it also downloads any other packages
needed to satisfy the dependancies on it

> 2) How to use apt-get install (step by step please)

first you need to install it:
get the latest version of apt (currently 0.1.1 AFIAK) from ftp.debian.org
(or your favorite mirror) I believ it is in project/experimental

then install it with dpkg

then just apt-get update to get the latest package information

then just apt-get install <package>


apt-get dist-upgrade to upgrade your entire system to the latest versions
of all packages. (I did this the other night...worked great)

> 3) What is the difference between apt and dpkg

dpkg is a great tool...good for manipulating individual
packages and other maintenance tasks. apt is more of a front end
for dpkg which makes installing and upgrading packages much easier

even without a nice graphical front end (in the works)...its like dselect
on major steriods


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