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Re: Gateway

On Mon, 6 Jul 1998, matthew tebbens wrote:
> Has anyone recently installed Debian on a new Gateway system ?
> What works, doesn't work ?

There are too many different Gateway models for someone else's experience
to be meaningful. Computer brand isn't very important for compatibility

If you tell what kind of video card and modem/ethernet you have, you'll
get a more informative response. Those are the two components most likely
to give trouble. Also, some machines for a while had the Promise EIDE
card, which can cause problems. If you have a new machine be sure to grab
the 2.0.34 kernel which will support newer hardware better.

The bottom line is that if you've already bought the computer, you may as
well try it. :-) If you haven't, have a look at VA Research
(www.varesearch.com) or other vendors that sell hardware guaranteed to
work with Linux.

Havoc Pennington ==== http://pobox.com/~hp

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