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Re: Driver bug? 56k USR doesn't transmit properly?

In <87ogv3vrwq.fsf@hasler.dhh>, on 07/05/98 
   at 05:45 PM, john@dhh.gt.org said:

>Do you really want to have spd_vhi set?

It's a 56k modem which will run at 33.6 w/o the x2 connection.  According to
everything I've read this (spd_vhi) is appropriate.  I noticed the 115200 in
there as the baud base, but it was also run with spd_normal with no luck. 
Maybe try something slow?  I don't know.  

I may wind up calling the ISP and seeing whether they can monitor my
attempts or not.  I.e. find out what the server IS seeing at that end.  


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