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Re: ISDN problem

>> "RM" == Ramin Motakef <ramin@uni-oldenburg.de> writes:

RM> For some days now my ISDN connection doesn't go down automatically
RM> anymore due to traffic on the line. First thougt was that some update
RM> caused this, but it seems that the dial-in-server at my uni sends some
RM> routing info periodically.

RM> This is what tcpdump shows me:

RM> uni                                  my box
RM> \/                                   \/
RM> 15:07:35.090000 dialsrv1.hrz.uni-oldenburg.de.route > ascend19.hrz.uni-olden\\
RM> burg.de.route: rip-resp 25:\\

Looks like you are right.

Use the timru extensions from http://www.zls.de/~cal/timru/. You can tell
isdn4linux not to respect certain package-types or ports when calculating
the hangup time.


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