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Re: SOLUTION? how to hold mail in another machine temporarily

> is the next most preferred contact.  Host B knows that it is not the
> final destination (because of the MX record for host A) so it queues the
> mail in /var/spool/mqueue (if it's a linux box).  Host B will attempt to
> deliver that mail for as long as the timeout period allows.

That's correct.  I just thought I'd add that you don't want to list
host A in your sendmail.cw file (the list of domains for whom you want
to accept mail).  Since you said you have to put aliases on host B, it
made me wonder if you were doing that.  You don't want sendmail to
accept the mail, per se, you just want it to relay it [eventually] to

(Note also that the MX record for B should have a higher number
(corresponding to a lower priority) than the MX record for A.)

Pete Harlan

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