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Re: Powerpoint equiv. for Linux?

> I downloaded and installed Star Office 4.0.  I haven't had much opportunity to 
> study it, but I did find out that it will not load PowerPoint (*.ppt) files.  
> I also checked on word processor files.  WinWord 6.0 and 95 are supported, 
> though the files should not have been saved with the "Fast Save" option. I 
> have received a number of files which I suspect are WinWord 97 for which I got 
> the message "no filter available". Also, WordPerfect files are not recognized.
> In summary, Star Office 4.0 looks like a nice office package, but its 
> interoperability isn't super.

As was disscussed not long ago on this list, you can try to verify if it is 
indeed a WinWord 97 documents by using the strings command.
For a word 6 Document I got

$ strings /MS/winword/Document/openu/20417_15.doc | grep Word
Microsoft Word 6.0 Document
Microsoft Word 6.0
Microsoft Word 6.0
Microsoft Word 6.0

> The Web site lists Star Office 5.0 features which include filters for Word 97, 
> AmiPro, WordPro, WordPerfect, PowerPoint97, Excel 97, etc., etc.   Looks like 
> a nice product but I couldn't tell if it is available yet and how much it 
> costs.

By the way, does someone knows if, and to waht level, does Star Office 
supports multiple languages ? I am particulary interested in Hebrew, which 
ofcourse needs its special fonts, but even more problematic then that is the 
fact that it is written from right to left. (I think that Arabic is also 
written from right to left.) What other languages, if any, are written this 
way ?

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