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Re: modem setup problem - zoltrix 33600

> I am having trouble setting up this modem.
> I tried the normal settings on this modem, but they won't work.
> If i'm reading the output from plog correct then it gets stuck
> waiting for the login name.
> It does everything before that very slowly but i got it to dial.
> then i get a first line of 'welcome to ...' which is supposed to be 
> the welcoming line to the ISP.
> The next line says waiting fot sername: (looking for the line
> requesting user name input). And then it times out and leaves.
> Any idea's?

Just for the sake of argument, are you sure your ISP's name prompt
is 'sername:'?  I had something of the same problem until I used
minicom and manually dialed my ISP.  I found they were using the
'login:' style of prompt instead.  A change of my script fixed my


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