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Re: off topic: gimp

On Fri, Jul 03, 1998 at 12:37:36AM -0700, Christopher Barry wrote:
> GIMP is a really cool graphics program, and lets you do a lot of the same
> things Photoshop does. A good place to get started would be the official
> website, gimp.org.
> Alexander Gutfraind wrote:
> > Hello Fellow Debian Users!
> > I've noticed that many sites promoting linux and free
> > software
> > point that their site was built by GIMP. can anybody tell me
> >
> > what is GIMP? Where can I get it for a test drive?

Of course, GIMP 1.0 is already included in Debian 2.0 beta (Hamm), so for
those installing Hamm, you could install gimp at the same time without
compiling it yourself.  :-)

Anthony <foka@debian.org>

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