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Re: Where is the vfat, dos support in 2.0.34 ????


You know Robert, you seem to be experiencing the exact same problems I've been that
I've overcome in the past 2 days with my hamm install. I posted to the list about this
specific filesystem support thing in the past 48 hours or so and got a ton of replies.

You need to enable the 'nls' (native languages support) option during make config,
make menuconfig, whatever and then all the msdos, vfat etc. filesystems will magically
appear. I think they should more clearly label this by making all of these a sub-group
of nls and using the '------>' that they do with the other sub-groups, so that you
know it leads to more options.


Robert Alexander wrote:

> I just installed 2.0.34-3 source and make config did not mention the
> "DOS" flesystems .... also tried rm .config but they do not show up.
> kernel compiled and installed just fine and runs flawlessly but of
> course my
> mount -t vfat /dev/hdb6 /DATAFILES
> command failes with " ... vfat not supported by the kernel ... "
> linux/fs/filesystems.c mentions them ...
> What am I doing wrong ???? I would badly need support for vfat and if
> possible for FAT32 ... Thank you in advance for any help.
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> Robert Alexander - IBM Italy
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> private     : bob@inorbit.com
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