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Debian HAMM LOADLIN booting problems ... any help please ??

I have a Debian Hamm system with kernel 2.0.34 running just fine on my
/dev/hdb1. /dev/hda1 is infested by a Win95b system.

I copied the /boot/vmlinuz-2.0.34 as vmlinuz to my /dev/hdb6 FAT
partition along with loadlin.exe.

Boot win95 in DOS mode, goto my d:\loadlin directory and issue my

loadlin vmlinuz root=/dev/hdb1 ro

The boot starts up but when it gets to the APM BIOS (IBM Thinkpad 760)
the system hangs with a protection fault 0000 message and a dump of
stacks and other info ...

Any hope ????? Thank you in advance Bob.
Robert Alexander - IBM Italy
work e-mail : rja@raleigh.ibm.com
private     : bob@inorbit.com

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