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Netscape colors.

Hello all,

I did a search through the archives about this and found some posts that
said that Netscape will only have colored icons in the toolbar etc. in
16bpp mode. I get black and white with 16bpp, as well as 24 and 32. Why
is it that the help section looks fine and is colorful, but nothing
else? Is there any definitive answer to this? A long time ago, when I
used to run bo, I had the same problem to, but thought Netscape for unix
just doesn't have colors. I remember my shock when I saw all these
pictures of people's window managers in action with TTF fonts and
everything and COLORED netscape, after only spending 200 hours or so
using crappy black and white Netscape with jagged fonts. I think I can
tackle xfstt with the info in the list archives so far, but what about
color? What do I need to do? At least tell me if most of you got colored
just by default from the install when you first started up.


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