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Re: Powerpoint equiv. for Linux?

> > StarOffice 4.0 is still free. Check out http://www.stardivision.com. I've

I think you mean free for non-commercial use, a term that is very
misunderstood. Commercial use goes far beyond having a business with an
official name. If you use this product to create signs or compose an
advertisement for a 'yard sale' you are violating the terms and are
supposed to buy a commercial license.

> study it, but I did find out that it will not load PowerPoint (*.ppt) files.  
> I also checked on word processor files.  WinWord 6.0 and 95 are supported, 

Even if it loaded a zillion formats, it doesn't appear to give much choice
in formats for saving files. You really want to be able to export your
work to formats that free software likes to load.

> One nice thing.  It doesn't violate the Debian scheme because it installs in 
> the user's home directory.  On a real multi-user system, there is a 'net 
> install' option, for which a deb package should be created, but I suspect that 
> most Debian systems are really single user workstations.

I think there are quite a few Debian systems that are used as servers. The
difference is basically the number of user accounts created. You want the
good multiuser packages for the single user workstation. They prevent
non-root users from damaging system stuff. If entire packages get
installed in your home directory, you have to be careful what you do (just
like when you use Windows)


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