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RE: The Driver Install Disk...

Since I haven't seen any other replies, here goes.....

Humor me - I've had similar problems in the past, and have found this to
work well.

1. Download a fresh copy of the disk image (the image you have may be 

2. If possible, boot the machine you are installing to with some version
of MS-DOS - or some other OS that can format DOS style floppies

3. If possible, Format the floppy you are going to use for the install 
disk(s) on the machine you are installing to.  If not possible, at least
reformat the floppies you are using on a machine with a reliable floppy 
drive.  If you get any bad sectors on the format YOU CAN NOT USE THE DISK!

4. Use rawrite2 or some other utility to transfer the disk image files to
the floppies you formatted in step 3.  Rawrite is rather stupid - it copies
exactly what is in the file to the floppy, hence the need for step 1.

5.  Try installing from the disks you just made.

I have also had machines with turbo switches work install fine with the 
turbo switch in one position, but not in the other.

I currently have a pile of 14 floppies that do not work (out of 20 new
disks) for creating install disks.

Hope this helps,


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