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RE: Syquest

> Hello, 
> I am new to this list and to Debian. I have a computer with a Syquest
> SparQ drive on it. Each cartridge holds 1GB. I was wondering 
> if any one
> could tell or point me to detail instructions on how to install Debian
> onto this disk. 
> Thanks
> Erik

If It's the Parallel-port version, you can't, since I remember reading
somewhere that Debian doesn't support Parallel-port SCSI HBAs(and that
is how SyQuest runs their drives from the Parallel-port, although now
that I think about it the SparQ might be different).  If it's
internal IDE(EIDE), than I believe that you can just target /dev/hdX1
where X is the IDE port(a==master on IDE1, b==slave on IDE1, c==master
on IDE2, d==slave on IDE2).

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