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Re: Directory Colors

Joseph Carter wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 02, 1998 at 12:51:33AM -0400, Shaleh wrote:
> > The ls that comes w/ Debian supports colors.  However it is off by
> > default (do not ask why).  You need to add a line to /etc/profile that
> > says "alias ls="ls --color=auto".  This wll make ls give colored
> > output.  You can also put that line in your own .bash_profile -- putting
> > it in /etc/profile makes it work for ALL users.
> Note that it must also go into .bashrc if you use X or screen since these
> shells are non-login and the profiles aren't run for those.  My alias is
> ls='ls --color=auto -f' because it looks good that way to me.  Over telnet,
> I would want -f only for obvious reasons (telnet is SLOOOOOOW!)

	Try putting stuff like this in a file in your home dir, and 'source'ing it
from both .bash_profile and .bashrc.  Save you the trouble of having it in
two or more different places.  I have a 'bash_functions' file in home which

	d () {
		/bin/ls --almost-all --format=long --color=auto ${@}
	export d

and the line 'source ~/bash_functions' in both .bash_profile and .bashrc.


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