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Re: egcs includes

On Thu, 2 Jul 1998, Bob Bernstein wrote:

> There seem to be (at least) four files not installed in the ../include/g++
> directory that is produced by egcs that _are_ part of the GNU g++ includes,
> namely
> Regex.h
> Pix.h
> String.h
> SLList.h
> Why is this, and can anyone suggest the most elegant method for making these
> absent includes available if one is compiling source that needs them?
> I would gladly be pointed in the direction of any egcs documentation that
> would help clear up my chronic confusion here.

I think this are old libg++ headers. libg++ is obsolete, don't use it if
you can help it.

There was a rumor about a libg++ dev package for eg++ in hamm but I'm not
sure what came of it.


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