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Re: Playing CD's

>> I'm having a problem playing CD's using both workbone and xmcd.
>> I can run 'saytime' and get somthing out of the speakers I can also
>> start workbone
>> and xmcd and see progress (lights on the CD and info on xmcd) but I
>> don't get anything
>> out of the speakers. What can be wrong.
>> The sound card is a Audio Excel PNP and I've obtained the info to put in
>> /etc/isapnp.conf
>> from win95. There is on thing though - win95 reports that WSS uses IRQ
>> 12 but dmesg says
>> MSS: Bad IRQ 12

 If you have a system with PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports, the IRQ
 is most propably a shared. (12 is almost standard for PS/2 mouseport).

 Try dumping pnp configs with 'pnpdump' (it's in isapnptools package)
 and move the irq to 10 or 11 for example. 


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