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Re: kern.log: Unable to load interpreter ???

Andy Spiegl wrote:
> Hi again,
> I am a little clueless.  I had a smail configuration problem on
> my hamm, 2.0.33 system, so that a lot(!) of smail processes were
> started.  Soon I couldn't start any more processes and saw this
> error message on the console:
>  Unable to load interpreter
> And in the /var/log/kern.log:
>  Jul  1 16:55:27 kira kernel: Unable to load interpreter
> What interpreter is this talking about???  Is this a bug or a feature?

Accorrding to the kernel source, it will generate this error if it tries and
fails to load the interpreter for elf binairies. Presumably, it failed
because you had overloaded the system. (Though that seems a touch weird to

see shy jo

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