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Re: Dselect-questions

According to Wolfgang Gernot Bauer  <Gernot.Bauer@jk.uni-linz.ac.at>:
> I normally do FTP-updates/installs but sometimes I download *.deb-files
> and install them from "mounted-dir". I change access-method from ftp to
> "mounted" and update the list. Installing works well but in the
> "select"-list all packages I have installed are obsolete and the
> packages which are not installed are not listed. I have to wait until
> ftp-Packages-files change to get my list updated.
> Is this normal?
You probably didn't download the Packages file that goes with the *deb
files.  I you choose "update" in dselect then it overwrites its internal
list of available Packages (/var/lib/dpkg/available) and therefore
doesn't know about the other (even already installed) packages.
I hope I got that right myself.  Please correct me.

The way I install some separately downloaded *deb files is:
 dpkg -i <deb-file>
That works and is a lot faster than going thru dselect, too.


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