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Re: Upgrade to hamm ! Should I do it !? :)

Matus fantomas Uhlar wrote:

> -> >  Should I wait till it wouldn't be beta test to have a more "stable"
> -> > system !?
> -> >
> -> That's up to you.  Does Bo do everything you want?  Are there packages that
> -> are only available in Hamm that you're interested in?  Are you willing to
> -> do a little bug testing?
> ok, now how to upgrade running system from bo to hamm ?

 I think you could have the answer at:


 There are a script (autoup.sh) that will upgrade the programs in the correct
order ! Check out that url !

  Best regards,
      Nuno Carvalho

P.S. Meanwhile, I will install hamm and not upgrade it ! I had the idea that it's
better .... ;)

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