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Re: dial-in / dedicated ip.

I found www.ml.org which is just what I was looking for.
What you have below is also an option.

Thanks !

On Tue, 30 Jun 1998, Jens B. Jorgensen wrote:

> The new BIND 8 supports dynamic updates (or so I hear). I'm not sure how you'd get
> this working since I've not done it myself but this is probably where you want to
> look. The new operation is IXFR (just as you suspected).
> matthew tebbens wrote:
> > At a local ISP I have a co-located system.
> > Is it possible to dial-in to the ISP on a NON-dedicated
> > line, and have my home system tell my co-located system
> > its IP address. So I can setup the co-located DNS with
> > the same hostname that works...each time my home system
> > connects ?
> > I assume this would be some kinda dns xfer...
> --
> Jens B. Jorgensen
> jjorgens@bdsinc.com

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