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Re: Multiple Processors & Netscape Communicator V.4.05

"Alex Kwan" <kwanalex@hkstar.com> writes:

> (1) I want to upgarde my Linux system to 2 x Pentium-II system,
> and I have read the document "Installing Debian Linux 2.0" on
> www.debian.org , at chapter 4.13  "Multiple Processors"
> have following words:
> "If you compile software on a multiprocessor system,
> look for the "-j" flag in the documentation on "make".
> would someone please help me to explain it?

With `-j [JOBS]' or `--jobs=[JOBS]' you can specify the number of
parallel compiler invocations. So, if you have two CPU's you would
probably say `make -j 2 <other options>'. For more information read
the make info-file (Node `make Invocation:'/`Options Summary:').

> (2) where is the packages of Netscape Communicator V.4.05
> for hamm? does it working well and stable?

I don't know if there is a dedicated installer package for Netscape
Communicator V.4.05 in hamm. The Communicator itself is not available
in a `.deb'-package (because of copyright i think). I downloaded it
from Netscape and ran the nc-install script, which did it quite well.
The Communicator itself is running pretty stable - i had no major
problems with it.

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