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suggest a backup media

I'm unsure of what backup media I should go with for my Linux system.
I have a 4 gig harddrive.

I'm thinking about CD-R or Travan-4 tape backup.  I'm pulling hairs,
though, trying to determine which is better (for me, anyway).  I'd
like to go with DAT, but the drives are too expensive.

There are scsi CD-R drives for around $400 or so, and the HP T4
(Travan 4) internal scsi tape unit is about the same as for price (I
think).  I cannot afford to go any higher.

CD-R seems a better route, with the low media costs, and that most
cd-roms can read my backups.  Retrieval would also be considerably

But, I read a long FAQ about CD-R, and the Linux Cd-writing howto, and
CD burning makes me nervous because it's so sensitive.  I'm worried cd
backups may fail, and my computer is probably pretty useless while I'm
burning.  One 4 gig Travan-4 tape would pretty much do me, and the
process is a bit simpler.  Plus, I don't think there's too much of a
difference in write speed for CD-R and scsi Travan-4.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?  Perhaps a link to a backup
comparison site or something?  (Since this topic has probably been
beaten to death!).


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