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Re: irqtune probs

>> "DS" == Darren Spiteri <spit@hempseed.com> writes:

DS> I've installed hwtools*.deb to make use of irqtune but it doesn't seem
DS> to work
DS> properly. When I run irqtune it responds:

DS> irqtune: insmod failed on '/usr/lib/hwtools/irqtune_mod.o'

DS> A manual insmod reports:

DS> /usr/lib/hwtools/irqtune_mod.o: couldn't find the kernal version the module
DS> was compiled for

Compile the kernel without module version support (sorry, don't know the
proper item; it's on the first menu) or a newer irqtune from the irqtune
homepage (again sorry, no URL).


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