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Re: X problem (again) Win managers.


> 	This time I couldn't get those windows managers to run. People advised me
> to install them so I choosed fvwm95, the instalation was ok, dselect did
> not find any problems, but when I first started X it did not appear like
> the fvwm95 docs said it would be. I found the windows managers
> configuration file in etc/X11/window-managers and it had the following
> contend:
As you show below, the first window manager in the below list will be
started.  It looks like that should be fvwm-95.  This looks OK.

> # This file contains a list of available window managers. The default
> #
> Xsession file will start the first window manager that it can
> # in this
> list.
> /usr/X11R6/bin/fvwm95-2
> /usr/X11R6/bin/fvwm2
> /usr/X11R6/bin/fvwm
> /usr/
> X11R6/bin/twm

> 	Ok, so I tried to run fvwm95-2 at the prompt and I got the error:
> fvwm95: in function CatchRedirectError: <<ERROR>> another WM is running

> 	I don't have fvwm or or fvwm2 but when I tried to run twm I got:
> twm: another window manager is already running on screen 0?
> twm: Unable to find any unmanaged screens.
> 	So I concluded that I had another window manager that wasn't in
> etc/X11/window-managers (how smart I am uh? :)) The question is, where that
> unknown window manager is set up and how can I remove it so that I could
> easily run fvwm95-2 at startup?

You do have another window manager.  The default is twm and it looks like
it was already running.  To start x-windows begin from a console and type
the following:

startx -- -bpp 16  <---this will start x with the first windowmanager
                       Debian found in the file you have displayed above.
                       The "-bpp" flag I have used will give a color depth
		       of 16 bits per pixel.  You can change that too.

Oh, if you need to "exit" x-windows, just to a Ctrl-Alt-Bksp and you will
get your console back.

Hope that helps.

Ian K. Setford                                  ians@jove.acs.unt.edu
                                                      H: 940.566.0461
                                                    Pgr: 817.901.0255

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