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Re: HTTP mirrors

On Thu, Jun 11, 1998 at 10:03:55PM +0930, Mark Mickan wrote:
> I don't know how up to date it is, but there is another Australian
> http mirror at http://ftp.it.com.au/ftp/ (I think). They also have
> non-US. They used to be very fast, but I've been finding their ftp site
> very slow lately, but YMMV. I can't vouch for http because I haven't
> tried it --- I'm forced to use a proxy for http and apt can't handle
> proxies yet.

3.5 second ping times to that site from here (Melbourne) (they are
in WA). They are ftp.au.debian.org and www.au.debian.org too. So it's
3.5 seconds to www.au.debian.org, or 470ms to www.debian.org, or
even 430ms to say www.de.debian.org. A bit disappointing.

I use ftp://ftp.uwa.edu.au a lot for a mirror, <= 100ms.

APT does do proxies, just set your environment variables eg

I have to use one here too.

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