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libc5 vs. libc6

I'm having trouble setting up xwindows in debian 2.0.  I install
Xwindows as an option when installing debian 2.0 (kernel 2.0.33), but
get error messages all over the place about missing libraries when I
type xdm or startx.  In running dselect, I see that I have libc6
installed, but  everytime I try to load x11 components, it tells me to
install libc5 instead, which gets rid of many major components of the
base system, and x11 STILL doesn't work.

Furthermore, once I've removed libc6, I can't get dselect to install
from ftp (probably because dpkg-ftp requires libc6), so I can't do any
further updates.

I'm going to reinstall debian 2.0 and try again to get x11 running.  Any
suggestions on how to do this the right way?

Brian Morgan

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