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my machine is refusing talk


I'm trying to enable the talk in my machine, but can't figure out
what's happening.

If I try to talk to a local user, I get this message:

$ talk zorzella
[Your party is refusing messages]
[Press any key to continue]

Even if mesg is "y" and talkd is up:

$ mesg 
is y
$ ps auxw | egrep talk
root     31741  0.0  0.4   732   288  ?  S    10:04   0:00 in.ntalkd 
zorzella 31758  0.0  0.5   848   356  p6 S    10:07   0:00 egrep talk 
I even tryed to disable the PARANOID option in the hosts.deny for a

$ cat /etc/hosts.deny
# address.
#-- leafnode begin
leafnode: ALL
#-- leafnode end

(do I have to restart something after changing the hosts.deny?)...

Any clues?


Luiz Otavio L. Zorzella                 Product Engineer
zorzella@conexware.com          http://www.conexware.com

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