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Re: pon

Frustrated wrote:
> I'm still struggling with pon. I wrote the exact login sequence for my
> ISP. Maybe someone can help.
> Any help is appreciated.

	Here is my chatscript:

TIMEOUT                 3
ABORT                   '\nBUSY\r'
ABORT                   '\nNO CARRIER\r'
ABORT                   '\nNO ANSWER\r'
ABORT                   '\nRINGING\r\n\r\nRINGING\r'
ABORT                   '\nVOICE\r'
ABORT                   '\nNO DIALTONE\r'
ABORT                   '\nWAITING\r'
''                      AT
OK-+++\c-OK             ATH0
''                      ATZ
TIMEOUT                 30
OK                      ATDT9999999
CONNECT                 ''
ogin:--ogin:            login_name
word:                   \qpass_word\q

Of course:	don't include the lines with asterisks.
		replace 9999999 with your ISP's phone number.
		replace login_name with your login name for your ISP.
		replace pass_word with your pass word for your ISP.

	Hope this helps, Frustrated.  :-)


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