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Re: Is there any program like ICQ ? Thanks ! ;)


>  I really need ICQ cause some of my friends use it on Windoze and we like
> to know when someone are online! I think this is the better idea ! ;)

A mate of mine was telling me about an ICQ hack that runs on Linux
console, but I never got around to getting the source off him, so I'm
not certain it actually exists!

There are, however, lots of ppl. who have been working at hacking the
ICQ protocol, and I think they have got it worked out pretty well. There
are ICQ spoofers, which will send an ICQ message as any UNI, but I have
never personally got it to work.

Lot of conjecture and hearsay there, eh? :)

But I think, all up, it should be very possible for someone to make a
very unofficial ICQ client for linux. 


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