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RE: NT and Linux

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From: King Lee [mailto:king@ultrix6.cs.csubak.edu]
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 1998 8:29 PM
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Subject: NT and Linux


>I got into a discussion with a system administrator of
>a website.  The system administrator wishes  to use
>NT because it supports software raid 5 (raid without
>a special controller). I thought if it works, 
>there  would be a terrible performance
>degradation. The system administrator said only 
>if a disk goes down would there be a performance hit.
>Does anyone here know anything about
>The questions I have are 
>   1.   Has anyone here had any experience or knowledge
>	about software raid. How good is it?
>   2.   Does Linux  support hardware raid 5
>I think this guy is looking for an excuse not to use
>King Lee

1. I'm currently got a bundle of Alpha-Servers running NT 4.0. All but
one of them uses hardware raid 5 (Controlled by an HSZ40 in a DEC
storage works cab.) It is DEFINATELY faster than the one which has NT
controlled RAID 5. Hardware controlled & software controlled sets are
both same sizes on each server. This difference is phenomenal. Aside
from mere disk access - you should see how much CPU time is used keeping
the RAID set working on the software controlled one.. I'll never setup
software RAID again.

2. If Linux can see SCSI disks (which it can) it's all just a matter of
plugging your SCSI cable into a hardware RAID box (such as the Digital
Storage Works cabinets). The hardware controller takes care of
everything. Linux will just see it as one huge disk. You will however
need to spend an extra half-an-hour setting up the controller (It'll be
done through a dumb terminal - and it's dead easy).


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