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Re: fetchmail just hangs

>>>>> "tlg" == the lone gunman <lgunman@crh1828.urh.uiuc.edu> writes:

tlg> fetchmail (or popclient) will connect to the server, prompt me for my
tlg> password, then start reading messages.  It will say
tlg> "reading message 1 (size)"
tlg> print one or two periods, then sit there indefinately.  If I watch the
tlg> modem lights, there is a lot of rd/sd action going on prior to the
tlg> freeze up, but once it starts reading messages, all light activity stops.

Try this:

telnet mailserver.provider.com smtp
user <your username>
pass <your password>
retr 1

will retr 1 show the first message or does it hang as well?


PS: I would like to address you with your name, not with "the lone
gunman". Realnames are common sense here.

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