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Re: How to upgrade from smail to exim?

Johann Spies <jhspies@alpha.futurenet.co.za> writes:

> Hallo,
> Why do you call that an "upgrade"?  I have tried out exim several times
> without success.  In my opinion smail is much easier to install and works
> with a lot less problems than exim.
> Johann.

Yes, that was my experience also, but I did not give up. I am glad
because exim really is clean, powerful, and logical. I would be glad
to assist anyone; at the very least I can help those like our family
who enjoys the built-in filtering ability of exim to split the mail
from the pop-server amongst ourselves. Yes, I know procmail does that
also, but I just think exim overall is the better solution.

I think exim is so good that it should be the default Debian MTA. This
topic would be an excellent one to debate on this list IMHO.


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