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Re: mystery tape drive

> I've got an internal colorado tape drive with a big "250 MG" label
> embossed on the outside that came in an old 486 I bought secondhand from
> someone.  It sits on the normal IDE controller like a hard disk,  and the
> tapes I've been provided for it are labelled "DC 2120 Mini Data Cartridge
> Tape" ... any idea what driver I'd go about using for it?  I don't have
> the original docs,  so I don't know what the drive is called.

Most probably the ide-tape driver included in the kernel. It should most
probably sit on the second IDE controller, the one with ATAPI support.

The one included in the stable kernel (2.0.33 in my case) seems to be a
bit outdated, but the one in the unstable (2.1.103) is more recent (2 Jan
1998), and can be compiled as a module. 

I've ordered an Seagate Tapestor 8000 myself, sitting on the ATAPI
interface, and I'll go get it later tonight. I'll try to install it :) It
should come up as a /dev/ht0 and then I'll just write to it with tar.

It could also be a QIC-117 compliant drive, but that's if it sits on the
floppy controller. In that case you'd have to use the ftape driver, also
included in the kernel.

Good luck ! 

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