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Re: XDM autostart question

Bonard B. Timmons III wrote:
> Doug Thistlethwaite <doug.t@deltanet.com> writes:
> > Quick question I hope...
> >
> > How do I get XDM to autostart.  I selected to not have it autostart
> > during install because I was having problems with X11 in general.
> Please read /usr/doc/X11/README.Debian. It will tell you about what to
> edit in the /etc/X11/config file in order to make xdm autostart.
> In short, it looks like all you have to do is make sure that
> start-xdm
> is in there rather than
> no-start-xdm
> Bake

Thanks for the tip.  My /etc/X11/config files ihas the following two
lines in it...


My guess is that the problem is in a system init file somewhere.  Any
idea what file calls the xdm stuff at boot time?



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