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Re: Upgrade script

"Scott D. Killen" <wizard@scottkillensoftware.com> writes: 
> Where can I find the script that prepares my 1.3.1 system for upgrade
> to hamm?  Any help is greatly appreciated...

http://debian.vicnet.net.au/autoup or 

     AFIK the latest version of autoup.sh is v0.25.  A recent message
on this list noted that slang*.deb has been moved to /base (the script
looks for it in /libs.

     There is also a tarball "autoup.tar.gz" on those sites that
contains all the files needed for by the script.  This can be more
convenient than getting all the files by ftp.

     I believe the script is also on www.debian.org in the "developers
corner", but this does not always have the latest version.

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