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Re: Where I can find KDE

At 01:24 PM 5/22/98 +0200, Mauro Mazzieri wrote:
>As you can understand reading the subject of this letter, my question is:
>I can find a KDE distribuition, better if in .deb format? I prefer CDs,
but any
>help is useful...

	I  just did a search of the packages at http://www.debian.org and found
about 21 different KDE Packages available in the unstable/hamm directories.
Don't know which one you want but I am sure if you update your dselect
Package file, it will give you all the files availabe for KDE.

	Anyway, here is where you can find the base file, but I would check out
the web page if possible as this file depends on a lot of other files.


	Hope this helps...

Mike Acklin
l128620@lmtas.lmco.com (Work)
htuttle@dallas.net (Home)
Debian Newbie (Please bear with me!)

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