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Newbie installation help on Toshiba 105cs

Hello, all.

This is my first post, as I've just now joined this list.  Please
forgive any
blatant displays of ignorance on my part for the time being! :-)

I am trying to install Debian 1.3.1 on my Toshiba Satellite 105cs laptop
(Pentium 75, 24MB RAM, 504MB eide hd, Win95).  However, to make things
I'd actually like to install it on a Syquest SyJet 1.5GB cartridge in my
that I have hanging off an Ataptec APA-1460A PCMCIA SCSI adapter, on
which I also
have a 16x Teac CD-ROM drive.  What I *don't* have are any real-mode
card and socket
services drivers.

Is there any way that I can do this?  Or will I have to install it on
the hd first,
and from there perhaps create an installation on the SyJet cartridge?  I
would prefer not to have to dump everything off the hd, as I don't have
a tape drive
and have many applications on the hd that I would need to save (I've
been updating
and installing stuff on this laptop for almost 2 years now).

Any help and/or insight would be *greatly* appreciated.  Thanks in

	Philip Restuccia
	Senior Principal Software Engineer
	Periphonics Corporation

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