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Re: How to organize NFS server?

On Thu, 30 Apr 1998, Chris R. Martin wrote:
> I have an old 486 with a few hard drives in it that I want to use as a
> server. I'd like to store debian-packaged apps such as gcc, x11, xemacs etc
> on the server, yet keep some functionality on my local drive so I don't
> need the server all the time.
> what is the best way to do this under debian? I thought of
> exporting/mounting /usr on the server, but will that cause major problems?
> What if I have a local /usr directory? Will I still be able to access it
> when not using the server?
if you move /usr, you won't have "functionality on your local drive"
Personally, I'd move /usr/X11, because that's where the big heavy stuff
is, and none of it is essential
/usr/local as well, if you have anything there.
To make it work properly, install packages on the server first, then
install the same package on the client, with the directories mounted.

> Also, what does the group think about using a /apps directory instead of
> /usr ? I know it's not filesystem standard, but it seems this might get
> around a lot of problems of mounting /usr remotely. 
I'd say a lot more trouble than it's worth.
Really, that is what /usr/local is for. "Things that are not integrated
into your system to the point that they need to go in /usr/bin" might be
seen as a general rule-of-thumb for what is in /usr/local.
If you have a big app like Staroffice or Applixware, it will probably be
in /usr/local, if it is not in /usr/X11.

Well, actually, "/local" usually means local to the machine.... but in
practise, it meant the above.

> btw I have about 500MB of local space and up to 4GB on the server. 
More than enough. I should definitely say that the above would work well,
especially since I have done it with 170 / 540 before :)

7~he 7~hought /|ssassin

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