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Re: Leafnode question

On Mon, May 11, 1998 at 11:03:24PM -0300, Jack Kern wrote:
> > I was running fetch this afternoon, and noticed it was downloading messages
> > for a couple of groups I don't read (my system is single-user)... checking the
> > "interesting groups" directory found that they were in fact listed. Does
> > anybody know what could cause this? I've heard tell of people latching onto
> IIRC, the docs mention something about cross-posting causing this.  I
> figured it meant that if one read an article in one group which article
> was also posted to another, then that other group may become another
> "interesting group".  So if you can see such a pattern and you want to
> reduce your online time, then a script to delete the unwanted extra
> "interesting groups" file in that directory could be called before
> running fetch.

Better solution IMO is to nuke leafnode and make use of slrnpull.  It
doesn't provide a local server, only a local spool.  I don't know of any
newsreaders that can't handle a local spool, other than probably the one in

slrnpull is less filling and has scorefile support so it can kill spam.  It
also won't copy crossposted messages to groups you haven't told it to get.

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