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Re: libc6 package (Thanks)

jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl wrote: 

  On Mon, May 11, 1998 at 01:38:47PM +0100, Nuno Carvalho wrote: 
  > Shouldn't I install the packages which have the 'w' command, but
  > with that libc5 package !?!? 

  "w" is handled through the "alternatives" mechanism; on my system it's
  the "procps" package; it should be the procps from hamm, which is libc6.

 Conclusion:       When I made an upgrade from my libc5 to a newer version
and the utmp-wrapper 
funtions don't work I must install procps package for 'w' command and
shellutils package 
for 'who' command. 

 I did it and it works ! :)) 

   Thanks Mr. jdassen and Mr. Remco for the help! :))) 

 Best regards, 
     Nuno Carvalho 

P.S. BTW what should I do to know the package which a file belongs ! 

 Nuno Emanuel Carvalho  
 University of Coimbra 
 Dep. of Informatics Engineering  
  URL: http://student.dei.uc.pt/~nemanuel 
  e-mail: nemanuel@student.dei.uc.pt     

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