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libc6 package


 I'm trying to do an upgrade from my libc5 system to libc6 !
 I already used the autoup.sh script but unfortunally I still had the error on
'w' command:

    $ w
     bad data in /var/run/utmp

 This happens when I make the libc5 (version 5.4.38) upgrade ! So, I'm trying
to upgrade from
an older version (in my case it's 5.4.33-3) that hasn't that error (I think is
the change of struct from the
utmp file) but I still not found a libc6 package that could accept libc5
package !

 So, I'm trying to find a libc6 package which could I install with this libc5
package !

 What I'm doing wrong !?
 What should I do ?
 Could someone tell me where could I get that package ?

 Thanks in advance.

 Best regards,
       Nuno Carvalho

P.S. I'm using Debian Linux 1.3.1

Nuno Emanuel F. Carvalho
Dep. Informatics Engineering
University of Coimbra

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