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Hard Disk Question

Hello Everyone,

	Did get the libc5-dev package installed and everything is working great now. Thanks fo Remco and everyone that responded.

	Now I have a quick question. Is there a way to expand / if I make more room on the partition? What I have is "/" (root) on my hda3 drive which only has 110 meg. My "/usr" is on hdb2 with 700 meg. What I would like to do is allow more disk space on hda3 by using my Partition Magic 3.0 to expand hda3 another 100 meg. If I do that, is there a way for Linux to access this without having to make an additional partition? And if so, will I have to reformat the drive and re-install everything again? Is there a way to do this with having to reformat?

	Thanks in advance....


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